Register is a Java application that automates player registrations, player drafting and printing of team rosters. The program only runs on the Windos platform that has a Sun Java runtime environment (JRE) of 1.4 or higher. If you do not know if you have a JRE installed, you should probably complete a JRE installation to ensure you have the latest version. The JRE must be installed before the program (see the Installation tutorial).

NOTE: Register will not run using the JRE that came standard with older versions of Windows (98, 98SE, ME, etc.

Platform Version JRE Download Site
Windows 98, 98SE, ME, NT, XP Sun Corp

Program Downloads

If you have already installed Register the update will revise your installation to the current version and is a much smaller download. The program can be downloaded as a self-extracting zip file (Windows) or as a normal zip file (Mac and Linux). See the Installation tutorial for instructions.

NOTE: If you are using the program's integrated browser to download the updates and you select Run when the Run or Save prompt appears, close the program before clicking Start. The program re-opens after the installation is completed.

Description Date Version Size Self-Extract Zip
Full Installation 01-02-2019 1.4.7e 6.0 MB Register.exe
Update 01-02-2019 1.4.7e 3.3 MB RegisterUpd.exe


The following tutorials are available in two versions. If you need to scroll the web page to view the large (1024x768) version, then select the small (800x600) version.

Small Large
800x600 1024x768